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, britain, france, and the soviet union. the soviets controlled east germany, while berlin was carved up into three sections. the western sectors were known as west berlin, surrounded by soviet troops. the treaty paves the way for german reunification and set a date for the occupying troops to leave. 20 years on, traces of the allied presence are still easy to find, especially in berlin. >> the cold war lives on in the center of berlin, all staged of course. german actors play american military police. the massive poster shows a young gi facing the east. a young soviet soldier faces west. the building in the middle is a copy. mitch johnson does not need a reenactment of the cold war. he was there as a sergeant at the time, one of 6000 gis stationed in berlin. >> at the same time we had our soldiers in the city, there were thousands and thousands of russians and east german troops on the other side. we were basically an island at inside of east germany at the time. there was always during the training time it was said war could break out. >> that was the reality for decades. at checkpoint
five ♪ >> hello and welcome to the journal. i am melendez in berlin. >> and i am steve at the business desk. >> world poverty is back on the agenda as the un convenes to review progress on a millennium development goals. police in germany search for answers after a woman goes on a killing spree in a southern town. end german policymakers meet with internet policies to express concern about privacy and data services. ♪ >> 140 heads of state and government have gathered in new york for a three-day u.n. summit on fighting poverty. u.n. secretary-general ban ki- moon told delegates on monday that the millennium development goals agreed on 10 years ago have transformed development efforts, producing more success stories than ever before. but he also pointed out that those advances are fragile and that more than 100 million people in the world still live on less than $2.25 per day. >> security is tight around un headquarters in new york. doesn't a political leaders from around the world joined the city. the main goal set by delegates 10 years ago was to halt poverty and hun
that the door to diplomacy is still open to iran regarding their nuclear program. a new program in berlin examines 300 years of science. hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across france in protest of the government's pension reforms. this is the second strike in just over two weeks. french workers were protesting against the government's plan to raise the retirement age to 62. >> thousands of protesters streamed into paris. this was one of more than 200 protests over pension reforms held thursday. >> the messages that we will remain immobilized. the workers are mobilized. on -- the message is that we will remain mobilized. >> we are here to put the pressure on. >> this latest round of strikes against nicolas sarkozy's planned to raise the retirement age in disrupted transportation across the country. many flights were canceled at the airport. less than half of the lines on the paris metro were working properly. the plan is to raise 8 from 60 to 62. germany, spain, and the netherlands plan to raise the retirement age to 62. britain and ireland want to go a step furth
for being here. the world's biggest technology fair. >> what's going on in berlin on the eastern shore? chief arrival that apple ipod and the 3d home tv, two of the biggest launches. let's take a look. >> walk across berlin's consumer electronics fair and it doesn't take long to see what this year's big craze is. three dimensional television. all big brands have come up with new models. there's no doubt that 3d is the future of television, but in the long run, do you really want to be sitting in front of the tube wearing one of these? therefore, a lot of companies are trying to develop a 3d television set without glasses. scanners constantly check the position of your eyes and adjust the frame to give you a 3d picture. >> it's based on men postcards or -- they have a very fine structure on them. >> researchers say it will take at least five years before the technology is ready for mass production. by then, you may have shot dozens of home movies with 3d camcorders that are just now hitting stores. >> we have one on the left side and one on the right side and two pictures coming in
berlin. >> coming up on the program, the german government prepares for a showdown over executive power. the high-profile trial in the killing of a munich businessmen has two convictions. germany says the will go on the offensive in the qualifier. >> opponents of nuclear energy in germany are battling to stage a massive demonstrations in protest of the government decision to allow nuclear plants to operate for longer than originally planned. members of the coalition agreed to extend the life of the nuclear reactors after weeks of heated debate. the chancellor defended the move as a revolution of energy supply in germany. >> after months of disagreement over the future of nuclear power, the coalition parties have finally reached a compromise. they agreed that the newest nuclear plants in germany will operate for 14 years longer. other plants will operate for a. chancellor of angela merkel said the plan is to change them out eventually. >> the plan is to not use nuclear power any longer than necessary. it is a bridging technology. the companies will be required to invest large amounts of
>>> hi, everyone, welcome to the "journal" on dw-tv in berlin. the top stories at this hour, u.s. pastor terry jones leaves the world waiting as his career and burning plants sparks outrage in moslem countries. a massive blaze in golf's a san francisco suburb, killing at least four people -- involves a san francisco suburb, killing at least four people. and capping safety costs for nuclear power plants. >>> the united states is preparing to mark the ninth anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks on saturday. the pastor's threat to burn the koran on the day has but overshadowing events. he now says he will not go ahead with the burning as long as the new york imam moves at planned islamic cultural center away from ground zero. this has sparked outrage in the muslim world. in afghanistan, angry protesters lashed out at a nato outpost. >> the planned birding has seen thousands of people around the globe take to the streets, like afghanistan. shouting anti-u.s. slogans, they approach this database in the far northeast. the pastors and plans to burn at 200 karans has caused
>> hello and welcome to the journal. i am terry martin in berlin. >> i am steve chaid at the business desk. chancellor merkle says germany is committed to un millennium development goals. after the latest shooting deaths in germany, the debate on tougher gun control reopens. germany opens a new campaign to raise awareness of child abuse. captioned by the national captioning institute >> world leaders are meeting in new york for a second of talks aimed at renewing efforts to achieve the un's millennium development goals. current projections indicate the united nations could come short of meeting its poverty reduction targets as planned by 2015. german chancellor angela merkle said tuesday good governance should be a greater priority for countries hoping to receive development aid. >> this un video clip underscores the importance of the millennium development goals. it shows people reporting from across the world on what has been achieved and what still needs doing. there are eight goals in total. they include tackling poverty and hunger, introducing u
>> hello, and welcome to the "journal" on dw-tv. i am miller dendekker and in berlin. >> and i have the business news. -- i am mendell up two disciplinary proceedings against france or the deportation of roma migrants. german officials said they are evaluating intelligence of an al qaeda plot against european cities. >> thousands of european workers protest against government plans to save money. ♪ >> the european union is beginning disciplinary action against france over its expulsions of roma migrants. the eu commission is giving paris two weeks to incorporate eu guarantees of free movement into its own domestic law or face legal proceedings. france has expelled roma thousands expelled to romania and bulgaria this summer, bulldozing camps where they were living on the outskirts of french cities, as part of what president sarkozy has declared a crackdown on crime. >> the european commission are has been the most vocal critic of france of's policies regarding roma migrants. now other members of the commission had agreed to challenge paris on the matter. france has until october 15
. the regulations began when four peoples of the catholic high school in berlin came forward, saying they had been abused -- former pupils of a catholic high school in berlin came forward. john, tell us what sort of differences do you think these changes are going to actually make. >> there is a range of measures, actually, in these new regulations, which are intended to prevent cases of child abuse occurring. it is difficult to see how effective they are going to be. obviously the intention is good. the aspect that is going to be grabbing headlines in germany in tomorrow's this papers will be the fact that the german newspapers have committed themselves in all 27 diocese to contact the police to report cases of child abuse to the police as soon as there is a reasonable suspicion that child abuse has taken place, with the sole exception, they say, and this should be a rare exception -- if the victim himself or herself insists upon the police not being informed. that is very unusual, particularly since many people do not realize there is no legal obligation whatsoever for anyone to report a case of
outside berlin, the 75-year-old artist received a media prize for his defense of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. chancellor clarke praised him for his steadfastness. -- chancellor merkel prison for his steadfastness. >> europe is a place were an artist can draw like this. europe is also a place where freedom of belief, religion, and respect are valuable. >> the cartoonist said the 2005 drawing was only one out of thousands. >> now this cartoon has its own life. it is rolling around the world. i have no influence on it anymore. and maybe they will try to kill me once and have success, but anyway, the cartoon they cannot kill. >> he returns to denmark and a life under constant threat. he still says he would do it all over again. >> for more on the story, i am joined in the studio by our parliamentary correspondent, peter craven. what else did angela merkle have to say? >> the thing we always have to bear in mind is that she grew up in that repressive state that was the former communist east germany. that is why at the heart of this address there was the statement "freedo
under constant police protection. at the palace outside berlin, the 75-year-old artist received a media prize for his defense of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. chancellor clarke praised him for his steadfastness. -- chancellor merkel pron for his steadftness. >> europe is a place were an artist can draw like this. europe is also a place where freedom of belief, religion, and respect are valuable. >> the cartoonist said the 2005 drawing was only one out of thousands. >> now this cartoon has its own life. it is rolling around the world. i have no influence on it anymore. and maybe they will try to kill me once and have success, but anyway, the cartoon they cannot kill. >> he returns to denmark and a life under constant threat. he still says he would do it all over again. >> for more on the story, i am joined in the studio by our parliamentary correspondent, peter craven. what else did angela merkle have to say? >> the thing we always have to bear in mind is that she grew up in that repressive state that was the former communist east germany. that is why at the heart of this
records of dozens of people analyzing and saving the data. >> and i.t. firm from berlin was commissioned to look at the data. the aim was to find out who had been leaking information from top management to the press. >> one of the accused claims that he informed the ceo about his legal investigation plans earlier than first thought. the officials have denied any wrongdoing. >> european shares ended the day and week with healthy gains. a better than expected batch of employment data out of the u.s. helped the blue chips crews to their strongest weekly performance since july. >> the west report listed the move at the end of the weekend there was a sigh of relief when the numbers cannot because they had been much better than expected. this report lower to fears that the u.s. could slip again into recession. the german companies are focusing on china. audi reported an increase in sales in china. they would like to make china their biggest market in a few years. >> we are looking at the closing numbers. the dax closing higher. the u.s. stocks 50 also closing higher. across the atlantic on wal
would read this would feel some kind of connection. this is a project that jenny did in berlin. this is at the entrance to the members of parliament. it was to address those walking in, but also to use speeches from actual members of past parliaments so that there's a real connection to the people who would be using that place and the artwork itself. and while jenny's work always has a utilitarian aspect, she also wants it to be beautiful. this is at the national gary in berlin. this is a project jenny did for the table arts convention center in pittsburgh. she used three novels by pittsburgh writers who were also writing about pittsburgh. she wanted people to really get a sense of the place to make something that was beautiful, that was lasting, that people could identify with, who might pass this by daily, but also with the text there's so much language, never would be something where you would see the same thing if you walked by. this is important for jenny's proposal. this is an installation in san diego. jenny wanted to reflect languages that are there. so this artwork has
-biggest airline, air berlin, got a big boost from the summer vacation season. the carrier's passenger numbers in august rose nearly 9% to 3.7 million compared to the previous month. airline said tuesday that fleet capacity was lower during the same time spent two the airline teamed up with several tour operators to offer packaged tours, making the summer season especially lucrative for air berlin. >> you have some german news for us. >> yes, i do. the german police have raided buildings used by the country's largest neo-nazi group, searching for evidence that it is acting in against the constitution. the organization known as the hng is believed to have some 600 members. it was founded in 1979 in frankfurt before moved. tuesday's police targeted 30 properties in nine states. investigators suspect the group is trying to strengthen germany's various far right groups by forging alliances among the organizations. and international service and education has found that germany excels at vocational training but is producing fewer university graduates than other countries. the report by the organizat
of the berlin wall for the legislation leading to unification to be passed, but in the process, leaders in both east and west wanted to be certain that many of the injustices of the east german regime would not be forgotten. a special institution was set up to preserve the archives of the east german secret police or "stasi" as it was college. one group is tasked with preserving them in making them available. >> these used to be the stasi complex, a hermetically sealed complex in berlin-lichtenberg. >> this was the starting point of the persecution of people. decisions were made here about how to intrude into people's lives or to destroy their careers or to damage them in some other way, and i can never forget that fact when i stand here. >> she is the federal commissioner for the stasi archives. these days, it is housed next to the police of chief, who was investigated -- who was charged with investigating. he can get access to files. as a civil rights activist in the former east germany, he was under surveillance by the stasi, but she does not see herself as a victim. >> in my experience of e
claims by the french president that berlin is planning to clear roma accounts in germany and deport people living there back to their country of origin. sarkozy said it after an eu summit in brussels. the meeting was called to discuss foreign policy but was overshadowed by the controversial deportation. sarkozy also talked with the eu commission had about the issue. >> president nicolas sarkozy lsd eu summit after a war of words over the controversial deportations. after clashing with the european commission president, sarkozy also angered germany by climbing berlin also plans to clear from the camps. >> merkel indicated there was going to be a proceeding of the evacuation of the camps in the coming week. we will see how calm german politics will become then. >> angela merkel's office promptly denied the claim, the chancellor and the french president had not discussed rahm in germany. most of germany's roma live in homes and hospitals, not in camps like those in france. >> in germany, there are repatriations. regardless of the country of origin, they are only carried out after a rev
waterfront. secondly, last night my son called me to say, gone to berlin. go outside and see how it's turning around. this is not right, especially with the historic ferry building. i tell you when you're right most of the times in waterfront. they've done a beautiful job. all these renovations got done. this is so badly flawed. it's not what the people want. so please go back and review this and see that it's not right. especially with the waterfront plants with the bay. it's not right to block the buildings that we live in. so please, go back and go to the drawing board and see that it's a wrong decision. thank you. >> lee radder in. >> radner. >> good afternoon, commissioners. lee radner from golden gateway, executive director. i have some material i'd like to read. they sent out an alert this morning. we'll try to read it in the three minutes allotted. he has joined our neighborhood coalition partners and otherings as a party to a lawsuit that has been filled -- filed, excuse me with the san francisco superior court on wednesday, august 18, 2010. the legal action filed against the city wa
this week. kron 4 is live in berlin damn right now where the service started about 4:00. >> were here at the first presbyterian church and i'm told by police officers that the funeral service will be wrapping up here in about 30 minutes at 6:00 and that's why they have those big yellow getting ready to drive people the parking lots here. the churches packed inside with about the board to 500 people inside and they have another dozen or so people sitting outside as well. the basically your remember three members of the plus family in fact from three different generations were talking about. the grandmother was 85 years old she was a retired nurse and her son gregory near it was killed the military was out here to honor him. grosso here to remember william was 17 years old. live here in burlingame of don. >> 7 people and all were killed in the explosion and 37 homes were destroyed in that explosion and fire as september the ninth. for now today beginning to learn more about the possible cause of the gas line explosion. summer suspecting that microbes may have set up corrosion of the gas
of the biggest electronic shows opened in berlin today. our technology -- technology correspondent was there. >> this is a pretty good place to get a vision of the future of television. they are selling a lot of 3-d sets. you get the experience without glasses. i don't quite get it myself. plenty more sets. they seem convinced customers will want that. we will have to sea. you can even get fairly cheap 3- d video cameras. you can see the two lenses on the front. you are selling these devices. this seems like a gimmick to me? >> you only have to look around the show to see how big 3-d will be. >> another big thing is putting your tv on the internet, lots of apps here. this gives you facebook , e bay, twitter. it will be a big theme over the coming years. what really matters is the quality of the picture. this is the best you will probably get. a very thin screen and sharp picture, but very expensive. 3-d, connected tv, the future of television is getting a little too complicated. >> a team of divers say they found the world's oldest drinkable beer off a coast. the bottles are believed to be a
for television? our technology correspondent has been at the world's biggest electronics show in berlin. >> this is a pretty good place to get a vision of the future of television. they are determined we should see the future in 3-d. this one you get the experience without glasses. i don't quite get it but my eyesight is not the best. most of them you do have to put the glasses on. they think customers will want that. they will watch 3-d television. you can even get fairly cheap 3- d video cameras. here is a bit of me recorded. you are selling these devices. it seems like a gimmick to me. >> you only have to look around the show to see how big 3-d will be. we are bringing it to the masses. >> another big bang is connecting television. lots of apps here. this gives you facebook, twi tter, but you will get television programs delivered over the internet into your tv. what really matters is the sheer quality of the picture. this is the best you will probably get at the moment. a very thin screen and very sharp, but very expensive. 3-d, connected tv, the future of television is getting too
cannot be here she back at washington, d.c. after arriving from berlin she wanted to give her greetings in this letter. dear friends i'm delighted to extend my support for the 07 neighborhood empowerment summit in san francisco. this will foster communication and solutions to the over hundred neighborhoods in san francisco. through the collaborative efforts of city agencies, local nonprofits and community leaders all of the san francisco's unique communities are empowered to share their experiences and collected ideas. with the goal of building stronger, safer, cleaner communities through cooperation and civic engagement today's summit will exceed our expectations. today's summit will serve as a model for other cities across america. thank you for this opportunity, mr. newsom and latoya cantrell to congratulate daniel homsey of the neighborhood services for leading today's great event and for launching of the neighborhood empowerment net work website empower sf. org. the best of luck, speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. [applause]. >> just amazing that young lady started as an intern i
ends on friday. >> employs cracked open champagne in berlin even before this latest attempt to st. -- to save the chain of department stores was over. the unions are optimistic note. >> i believe in a good future for them and a good future for you and your jobs. >> the workers of the company will soon emerge from bankruptcy protection. back in june, u.s. german investor bid to buy the chain was accepted. that was on condition that the rent for its buildings would be cut. the high street consortium which told the leases got the green light from its creditors for the rent reductions, which will amount to over four hundred million euros. so the chances for the survival are good. they do not intend to close and the stores are lay off any employees. he also plans to invest 17 million euros. he is just waiting for the paperwork to be delivered. >> they have all said yes. but we need all the signatures. only then will we be finished. >> finished, once the court and the german city rules on the matter on friday. >> and its regular policy meeting thursday, the ec be decided to leave key sh
600 feet down a cliff looking for human remains. the us park police rangers and berlin county sheriff's investigators converged here after a kayaker on monday reported seeing a human skull in the co- >> we do not know whether or not -- it is precautionary for us. >> reporter: the skull and several other phones appear to be those of an adult and have been here for a year and the remains along with clothes and jewelry have not given investigators in indication whether it's a man only women. visitors were rattled by the discovery especially when they heard the victims may have fallen from the point where they were standing. >> it freaks me out a lot. that is the first thing i said to him i am holding on to you because that's what scares me to. >> reporter: the wind and truly made this search more difficult. >> there own actions tend to bring rockfall on them and they are looking for things as mostly persons two to. >> reporter: they had a late discovery of more remains. >> towards the end of the date we found this backpack as well which we hope we'll have some identification which wil
accused of muckraking. alexander worked as a correspondent in berlin, giving her an out sutters perspective her countrymen do not want to hear. >> in austria, consciousness of the rule of law are not very deep-seated. without traditions of the old austrian-hungarian market, we look up to our superiors. that is reflected here. politicians are sacrosanct in austria. >> jorg haider did questionable things. he made trips abroad sponsored by corporations and accompanied by officials. he visited omar khaddafi at a time when libya was shunned by other world leaders. some say the bureaus in liechtenstein could be from khaddafi. here he is visiting saddam hussein, the former iraqi dictator and mass murderer. a book has even been written about his visit to such dom. austrian authorities are investigating the allegation that some hussein gave jorg haider millions. under austrian law, it is tough to prosecute dubious party funding. >> currently, the law states a cabinet minister can be offered a payment for performing his official duties, ev a large amount, without it being considered a cri
nuclear disarmament. the two ministers met in berlin on tuesday. after the meeting they told reporters at a news conference that he will attend a foreign minister's meeting on nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation in new york later this month. japan and australia have organized the meeting and about ten countries are expected to take part. >> recent outbreaks of a deadly bacteria in two hospitals in japan apparently started from patients who have never traveled abroad. experts say the superbug may be widespread in japan. the university hospital in tokyo recently revealed nine patients who died in the hospital were infected by the drug-resistant bacteria called acinetobacter. the superbug has also infected 24 people at fujita health university hospital in central japan since february this year. it had been suspected that the superbug came from foreign countries. however, the two hospitals say the first patients thought to be infected had not traveled abroad. an expert on infectious diseases says the bacteria may have already been spreading in japan. >> japan has been ranked bottom am
degrees in london, coming in at 27 in madrid, teens, 18 degrees in berlin today. that's what's going on just now. here is your extended forecast. >>> and that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us.
with her 11- month-old son. -- who lives in berlin with her 11-month-old son. next year for money will be reduced and no support for heating. >> they cut my heating costs. it is very difficult because i have a child. by heating costs are huge, 40 euros. >> each week, tens of thousands of protesters gathered. they are against spending at least 4 billion pounds on a new station while basic benefits are cut. >> please spend the money for the future and for the kids and education. >> even in the economic powerhouse of germany, there are concerns that the recovery is fragile and make it weaker. some argue that spending cuts could undermine growth, a few -- a view totally rejected by the german government. >> in principle, it is a balanced deficit reduction. it is not against sustainable economic growth. that is our message. our way is the right one and we do not destroy growth. >> germany has many successful global brands, like this chain store company which depends on growth. but the german government is determined to set an example that country, above all, must live within their mean
brought and the san francisco. they buried him in berlin last week. his high school band played some of his favorite songs including "when the saints go marching in." the neighborhood organization and others helped provide for a vigil that i attended which was well turned out at well assured in honor of him and to retrench our commitment that these kind of deaths will not happen again. next, joyce was born in 1940 and was tragically killed after being struck by a car. she is survived by her husband of 47 years. her four daughters, and%, robert. she worked long hours in her family owned business. she had just recently retired after 30 years. she was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother who will be missed by all. his friends and family knew him as steve-o, born in 1960. steve-o was the father of four beautiful children. he was carrying to his brother and his four siblings. in 1960, he loved to ride the hills of san francisco. he started a contract in business. he loved spending time with his family and time in italy. supervisor dufty: i have some in-memoriams to submit. douglas paul
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